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Welcome, I am so glad you are here! I am Rebecca S Mullen and my company is called Altared Spaces. I am an artist, writer and coach who can help you deepen the connection you have to yourself, your relationships and your home.

Rebecca S Mullen

The thing I’m most proud of in my life is my marriage.

My husband and I met in junior high school so we grew up together and navigated a lot of changes. We’ve been through big adventures like flipping a raft in the icy waters of Alaska. And we’ve comforted each other during several family deaths including my mother, step-father and brother. We have struggled financially for years, and, later, we learned to invest together.

Why am I proud? This is not the same marriage we started with. I would say that our marriage died twice and we managed to find something new in the ashes of the old. During those resurrections of our love we both had to grow. It’s been a wild ride, far more frightening than that raft flip and lonelier, at times, than losing my mom.

I made a vow after my parents’ divorce, that I would create a whole family. Have you heard the life-mastery phrase: do one, see one, teach one? I searched out every resource I could find to help me understand what it takes to make a relationship work during the difficult times as well as the times of joy. I’ve been practicing see one for 50 years. I’ve been in the do one phase of marriage for more than three decades.

I’m eager to share with you what I’ve learned, and I want you to join me as I teach one.

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Habits for Happily Ever After

Invest in the lifetime of your marriage. You pour energy, planning, and money into your wedding day, but what about investing in the marriage you long to create for a lifetime? I am excited to offer this 12-week class that will bring you closer to your sweetheart.

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